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voor iedereen met een passie voor de Salsa & Latin cultuur

Was just checking my mail..and i see the mail from LatinMagazine. And I saw our Dias Cubanos 2014 in the magazine. Me proud!! Then I realized, that it’s almost time. 
Only 7 and a half weeks and then the biggest Cuban Salsa Festival in The Netherlands is starting again. 

Our 5th anniversary of Dias Cubanos 2014. Getting nervous already. Every year it’s the same. Maybe you think, ohh, you do this every year, so, you get used to it. The answer is NO. You never get used to this. Every year is different. 

The feeling is the same. The excitement is the same. Our team is the same 
But NO, you never get used to it. But maybe that is a good thing you know. Never ever let it be normal to organize a Cuban Festival like ours. If that happens, you have to stop then.

It has to be a challenge, every year! It’s a lot of work, lots of energy you have to put in. Lots of talking, calling, mailing. But you know  Me and we love to do that!

That is why we celebrate out 5th anniversary already. And we are so proud of that!
The full passes are running out. We have to say one day; Sorry, we are filled up already. For our safety and yours, we have to stop by time. 

Why? For the safety of course. For the participants who join our workshops. Our dancing party’s. You need space to do the workshops and to dance. If it too full, then we have people to complain, and we don’t need that. We want everyone to be entertained and having fun.

We have to think about everything. Also for the hotel. Full = Full, also for the rooms. Other people also staying at the hotel, and they need also rooms. Of course, if you booked earlier, then you get the room and not the other guests. But, if you are too late, then you have to go to another hotel.

Last year we had that “problem” Well, it’s not our fault. That is why I always say, book your room on time. Otherwise you end up in another hotel. 

Because, how nice is it, when you need a rest? A quick shower? You can go to your room. You can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner all together, instead to go back to your hotel then ours.

Do you have make up your mind already? I hope you do! Because, I promise you, you will get the time of your life at Dias Cubanos.

For your hotel room go here:
Fill up your date
How mane persons? How many rooms?
Then click “book”
Your room is included breakfast. Goodmorning, did you sleep well? Have a great day again with us.

So, 7 and a half weeks to go, and then we are going to have the amazing weekend again. With hundreds of people from all over the world. Our fantastic Artists, DJ’s, participants, the staff frpm the hotel. And, of course us! We will bethere for you all, to answer your questions, help you with everything you need, just for a talk, or sitting in the sun for a bit. I also need a 5 minute break you know 

I can hardly wait to see you all again!!

Ask me or Mail me:

You know the name of the website, do you?

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Comment by Sylvia Salseras on March 9, 2014 at 12:27am

Even een opmerking van mijn kant. Kon niet terug mailen namelijk :-) Maar de code die in het verhaal stond van mij, die stond er al automatische in. En wel jammer dat het weg is gehaald. Juist omdat ik ook Dias Cubanos organiseer al die jaren, leek het mij wel normaal dat mijn code erin staat. Ik ben wel ons Dias Cubanos aan het promoten, zoals elk jaar, met mijn code. En jullie hebben er ook 1, dat weet ik ook. Maar toch jammer. Want het is mijn verhaal. Zoals ik steeds weer mijn eigen verhaaltje schrijf over Dias Cubanos. 

Enne, Waarom ze Nu alvast de Full pass moeten kopen? Niet NU alvast! Het is namelijk al over 7 weken, dus die alvast is dan te laat. Het gaat super snel de verkopen, en Full=Full. Zoals dus in mijn verhaal staat. 



Comment by SalsaClubOnline on March 8, 2014 at 4:44pm

Mooi stuk je van de organisatie met goeie tips, waarom je NU alvast je Fullpass moet aanschaffen en NU je hotel moet boeken zodat je 100% kunt genieten van dit jaarlijks terugkerend spektakel. Mis het niet!! 

Koop je Full pass met flinke korting door gebruik te maken van onze kortingscode: salsaclub2014

Comment by SalsaClubOnline on March 8, 2014 at 4:42pm

Bestel nu je FullPass voor maar

125,= heb je 3 dagen Workshops en Feest

Ga naar:

Vul de kortings code in: SALSACLUB2014


Kies voor: Discounted Full Pass 2014 

Comment by Sylvia Salseras on March 6, 2014 at 11:23pm

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